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Brighter Green Engineering (BGE) are the UK’s largest independent provider of high quality engineering services to the solar industry. BGE are proud to operate and maintain power stations for our customers across the globe with offices in:

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Brighter Green Engineering have the technical knowledge, experience and resources to deliver industry leading service to the solar industry. Our production and uptime guarantee means you can rely on sites to perform to their designed specification with performance above 99%.

Our global reach provides a wealth of knowledge and onsite support wherever needed. Combined with investor services, technical assessors, data analysists, asset managers and remedial services, Brighter Green Engineering provide a single point of contact for all your requirements.

Engineering and due diligence service – We have a proven track record of delivering and maintaining bankable assets to a high standard with offices and resources across the world.

Why use us


For each solar site under management, customers will be provided with a direct line to an account manager, who will handle the day-to-day workings of the site and be the first point of contact for any issues. We don’t believe you should have to wait for information or updates.


Our response line is open 24 hours a day, so if the problem is urgent we can deal with it immediately.


We offer guarantees for all sites under our management, including production, availability and response times.


BGE will be accountable for the storage and relocation of any spare parts required for the site.

BGE – Projects and experience

Operating around the world has allowed BGE to become a recognized brand within the industry. We have a proven track record, from initial survey and design to EPC compliance testing and final acceptance certification.

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What our customer say about BGE…

What impresses most is the technical knowledge and practical skills of the engineers at Brighter Green Engineering, and their commitment to resolve any situation that they are confronted with..”

Foresight Group

Brighter Green Engineering has one simple objective – to provide the best O&M services in the solar sector and it is delivering on all counts.

Foresight Group Bernard Fairman - Chairman

Since Brighter Green Engineering became our preferred O&M contractor we have experienced transformative improvement in working practices and standards which have been to the immediate benefit of our investors.

Foresight Group Tom Moore -Global Asset Management Director

“TSF Constructions Ltd contracted BGE through a competitive tender process and selected the company that, in our view, provided the service best matching our requirements for a price that was closest to our budget. The handover process of the sites was painless, and we have been impressed by their organisational skills and geographical cover. Each person charged with the area where our sites are located took time to understand the intricacies of each site and has been responsive to problem resolution as well as efficient in performing both the preventive maintenance and providing the necessary documentation. Thanks to the technical day-to-day management provided by BGE at our solar farms, we feel confident we are delivering the highest value to our customers.”

TSF Constructions Ltd

“BGE have worked closely with us on multiple projects from the design stage through to commissioning and operation. Their knowledge, industry experience and global reach has proved invaluable to our projects. BGE operate a can-do attitude that fits perfectly with our own ethos for delivering high quality projects around the world.”

Global Solar Projects Ltd.Andrew Edwards, EPC Construction Director

“BGE took over a site in January 2017. The site is 18MW, but was only producing at 70% availability, with a PR of just 21%. They mobilised their taskforce of engineers who worked through the site testing and repairing all parts of the system, from individual modules to the HV transformers. Fast forward 3 months and the site is at 99.5% availability and 94% PR. Brighter Green Engineering now have a proven track record in optimising and remedial works, resulting in an increase in production for us as their customer, whilst maintaining a safe environment for their workers and a higher value for the site. BGE offer more than financial gains, there engineers liaise with landowners, asset managers, site owners and the DNO’s to ensure all aspects of the site are managed and controlled beyond industry recognisable standards.”

TSF Constructions Ltd

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